Where are they now? Updates from our E&E graduates!

Despite the challenging situation over the past couple of years, our Exchange and Empower graduates have continued to push themselves and work towards their goals. We’re happy to have set them on their way!

Here are the latest updates from just a few of our E&E family:

Chhechi Sherpa Rai: Chhechi was awarded with the opportunity grant from Mira Rai Initiative / Exchange and Empower to help her complete her high school diploma. With this grant, she hopes to complete her basic level of education and pursue a college degree to get a decent job to become financially independent. One year of her opportunity grant has completed and she has received outstanding results in Grade 9.

Humi Budha Magar: Humi recently got the opportunity to participate in Golden World Trail Series 2021 but due to COVID, she wasn’t able to travel. However, she has taken part in a number of local races in Nepal:

      • East Rukum 52km (First Position)
      • Listikot- Dugunagadhi,Sindhupalchowk Mountain Trail Race 21km (Second Position)
      • West Rukum 35km (First Position)

She is currently studying Bachelors program in Education and wishes to go back to her village after her studies to coach the girls there to run.

Rashila Tamang: Rashila is in the final years of her Bachelor’s studying journalism and social work. She is keen to pursue her graduate studies in tourism or social work. Rashila remains very active, taking basic level mountaineering and climbing lessons. She is also organizing small hikes near Kathmandu Valley and plans to organize races in the valley once the pandemic eases. Most recently, Rashila won the 60km Hell Race in Manali, India.


Sunmaya Budha: Sunmaya got her sponsorship from Asia Pacific Adventure, The North Face, Hong Kong in 2021. She is in Jumla continuing her training and hopes to meet her team in Hong Kong once the situation is easier.


Priya Rai: Priya is preparing for her high school (11 and 12) exams She’s planning to focus more on running once her exams are over and plans to compete in races locally and internationally. After the completion of her high school, she intends to pursue her undergraduate studies in Mass Communication and Journalism.

Races: First Byas Nagar Female Half Marathon (Second Position)

Lambutti & Khendo Lama: The two sisters moved to their home village in Sindhupalchok after the COVID lockdown. They were pursuing their college degrees in Kathmandu but the college is currently shut down.  So, they are learning the Japanese language. They plan to return to Kathmandu after the college re-opens and will focus on their studies.


Prativa Shrestha: Prativa is currently working as an Assistant Coach at Mira Rai Initiative. She is training and coaching the young women athletes of Exchange and Empower. She wants to pursue her graduate degree in Sports Management.