Formula 1 sports betting

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Although F1 betting is available at most bookmakers, we can still say that we can sometimes encounter difficulties before finding the right bookmaker for it.

Sports betting is available for f1 fans on several sites, but choosing the ideal Formula 1 bookmaker can be a big challenge. But thanks to online bookmakers, we no longer have to visit our ‘uncle’s bug-eyed friend’. The only challenge is to choose the right online bookmaker from hundreds of options.

This comprehensive guide will help you find the best Formula 1 bookmaker.

F1 betting is not easy, especially if you are a beginner, which is why we help you get started in this world much more easily.

If you have absorbed the world of Formula 1, if you have a favorite driver and racing team, if you like to check the odds before every race, you could even bet on the outcome or even the winner of the season! But if you don’t have such basics and you read this article, you will still know where and how you should bet on Formula 1 races!

In this article, we compiled a list of the best Formula 1 bookmakers based on odds and available events/markets. At the end, we recommend some financial service providers that are popular among online sports bettors.



Although there is no data on when the first Formula 1 bets can be traced back to, we can say with certainty that there were already bets on the sport in the 1950s, when it was still in its infancy. Today, the number of options offered by online bookmakers and betting sites is almost endless.

  • The sport is over 70 seasons old
  • 87 different engine manufacturers have already competed in Formula 1
  • In 1971, it was the closest match since the sport appeared
  • The record is 413 km/h
  • A man has won $165,000 on the chance that then 13-year-old karting driver Lewis Hamilton will win Formula One by the age of 25.

After Barrichello was ordered to let his teammate Schumacher win, F1 introduced new rules to prevent similar incidents.

Formula 1 drivers are often subjected to greater forces of gravity than astronauts during launch.

The F1 team with the fastest hands refuels and changes tires in the pit in 3 seconds! An F1 car accelerates from 0 to 160 and back in 4 seconds.

Formula 1 is considered the most popular motor sport in the world. Its popularity rose in the late 90s and 2000s, and along with that, of course, Formula 1 betting also became more and more popular.

The best bookmakers now offer plenty of betting options for almost every race of the Formula 1 season. You can bet on the top six positions, the race winner, or even the best constructor against the field. Some of the F1 bookmakers also allow us to place live bets during the race.

We expect the market for Formula 1 betting to grow as the sport grows in popularity.

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