Hong Kong Trail Running Women partners with Exchange and Empower

Hong Kong Trail Running Women is an interest group and platform for the local female trail running community. Set up in December 2016, it has quickly grown to become a vibrant and supportive network of over 400 members.

With women still a minority in trail running events in Hong Kong, HKTRW has become an important space for sharing and support on all kinds of issues encountered by women on the trail.

The group’s founder, local environmentalist and trail enthusiast Keilem Ng, set up the group as a “forum for Hong Kong trail running women and others to share training ideas, upcoming races, trips, photos, favourite equipment, courses and anything else trail.”

“Trail running is a great sport for both men and women, but today there are still many more male trail runners,” she says. She hopes that a women-only group can encourage more runners to join the sport, stressing that the group is for everyone, from newbies to elites.

In its short existence, the group has already hosted a number of events — group hikes and runs, trail and beach cleanups, a hiking pole workshop, yoga sessions and a handful of social gatherings. Future plans include experience sharing by top female runners and participation in initiatives and projects such as exchange and empower.


With its shared goal of supporting women on the trail, HKTRW is now partnering with Mira Rai in the Exchange and Empower program. “Exchange” between Nepal and Hong Kong cannot happen without key support from volunteers locally, and the HKTRW network is vital in providing early-stage support to get the initiative off the ground.

As the program moves forward, HKTRW will work with Mira on fundraising, structure and logistical support from Hong Kong.